Room Rentals

RoomRental RateApproximate CapacityAvailability (busy times)Inquiries
» Gym$55 / hr200» Gym schedule(514) 931.6202
» Sunroom $40 / hr75» Sunroom schedule(514) 931.6202
» Kitchen$18 /hr10» Kitchen schedule(514) 931.6202
» Conference Room$18 /hr12» Conference room schedule(514) 931.6202
» Studio$24 /hr30» Studio schedule(514) 931.6202
3rd Floor$22/hr20» 3rd floor schedule(514) 931.6202
Multi-Purpose room$20 /hr30» Multipurpose schedule(514) 931.6202
Kitchen Fee (with Sunroom rental)$1010See Sunroom schedule(514) 931.6202

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Is my time or space available?

In order to provide the most up to date information you are now able to click the name of a room below, and this will open a page where you can view the busy times of a room. Hopefully this will help you in planning times and dates for renting space at Centre Greene! To book the room and times please call during business hours! Contracts must be completed and signed one-week in advance, and a mandatory $25 non-refundable deposit is required.

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Multi-purpose room

3rd floor

conference room